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Workshop: Penal Reform & Good Security Sector Governance in Southeast Asia

Updated: May 6, 2021

From 4-6 May, DCAF's Asia-Pacific Unit hosted the workshop Penal Reform & Good Security Sector Governance, based on the Southeast Asian experience. It was organized by the Southeast Asia sub-regional network of DCAF’s Asia-Pacific SSG Network on Promoting Good Security Sector Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The workshop participants shared experiences from the region on the state of penal reform and the connection to good security sector governance. Main topics that were discussed included:

  • Applying good governance principles to detention facility management;

  • COVID-19 and its interaction with the need for penal reform;

  • Penal reform and the need to develop alternatives to detention;

  • Examples of penal reform in Southeast Asia and elsewhere: challenges and successes.

Presentations and discussion brought together a range of actors engaged in security sector reform and penal reform specifically in Southeast Asia, ranging from practitioners to NGOs.

You can find links to the recordings of the three different days below:

Day 1 (4 May 2021) - Opening session and session on the importance, challenges and opportunities of applying the good SSG principles to detention facility management.

Day 2 (5 May 2021) - Session on the impact of COVID-19 on detention facilities and reform opportunities, and session on how penal system reform can address the need for more rehabilitative rather than punitive approaches to detention.

Day 3 (6 May 2021) - Session on examples of penal reforms, successes and challenges, and session on how the needs of vulnerable populations can be addressed by penal reform in Southeast Asia.

Programme of the workshop:

DCAF Penal Reform and Good Security Sect
Download • 182KB

Flyer for the event:

Penal Reform & Good SSG in SEA
Download PDF • 325KB

Direct link to registration form: 

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