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Workshop on Cybersecurity Governance in East Asia

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

From 16 to 18 March 2021, DCAF's Asia-Pacific Unit organised a workshop on the topic of cybersecurity governance in East Asia. Bringing together practitioners, academics, and representatives from all parts of the security sector, for three days discussions centered on global, regional and national efforts to improve cybersecurity governance. The Asia-Pacific Unit would like to thank all those who participated for their enthusiasm and contributions.

Over the course of six sessions, participants discussed principles of good SSG in the cybersecurity domain, cybersecurity threats and linkages to international law, existing challenges in cybersecurity governance, the role and importance of national cybersecurity strategies, and the way forward. With 8 guest speakers from think tanks, the UN-system, universities, the private sector and government, the workshop included a broad range of different perspectives. The successful workshop, attended by over 60 people in total, was organised and coordinated by APU's Rohit Karki, project officer for East Asia.

You can watch several of the sessions of the workshop.

Watch session 2: principles of good SSG and cybersecurity

Watch session 3: cybersecurity threat and international law

Watch session 4: challenges in cybersecurity governance

Watch session 5: the importance of national cybersecurity strategies

Watch session 6: the way forward for cybersecurity governance in East Asia

For the programme, see below:

DCAF Cybersecurity Governance Workshop P
Download • 159KB

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