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Workshop Maritime Security Sector Governance (MSSG): The Role of Security Sector Actors in East Asia

From 7 to 9 April, DCAF's Asia-Pacific Unit hosted the workshop Maritime Security Sector Governance (MSSG): The Role of Security Sector Actors in East Asia. It was organized by the East Asia sub-regional network of DCAF’s Asia-Pacific SSG Network on Promoting Good Security Sector Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The workshop participants shared experiences specifically from China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, with input by experts from the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, and the University of Bari Aldo Moro in Italy. Objectives of the workshop included:

  • providing conceptual understanding on maritime security sector governance and reform;

  • examining the state of individual countries' efforts towards addressing maritime security sector governance in East Asia;

  • identifying SSG/R measures that can reduce maritime security challenges.

Presentations and the discussion brought together a range of actors engaged in maritime security and security sector governance in East Asia generally, including representatives of academia, national defence academies, think tanks and navies. The outcomes and lessons learned contribute to the future improvement of maritime security sector governance in East Asia. The workshop was attended by over 70 people in total, and was organised and coordinated by APU's Rohit Karki, Project Officer for East Asia.

You can find links to the recordings of the three different days below:

Day 1 (7 April 2021): opening session and session on introducing concept of MSSG and its relevance for East Asia.

Day 2 (8 April 2021): session on challenges in addressing maritime security, session on political and legal dimensions of MSSG in East Asia.

Day 3 (9 April 2021): session on understanding MSSR, session on the way forward for MSSG in East Asia, and closing session.

Programme of the workshop:

DCAF MSSG Workshop Program 7-9 April
Download PDF • 165KB

Flyer of the workshop:

Flyer Standard 2
Download PDF • 154KB

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