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Third NWG meeting in Nepal

The third NWG meeting took place in Kathmandu today. Fourteen participants attended, with backgrounds in the military, police, parliament, academia, and research institutions. It was led by the Nepal Centre for Security Governance (NCSG), DCAF's partner institution in Nepal.

The meeting was a platform to discuss updates to the national legislative framework for the security sector, but also saw ample time for discussion on the developments related to Covid-19. Discussions focused on the role of Nepali security institutions in providing health security during the unfolding pandemic. These include topics such as social unrest, returning migrant workers, cybersecurity, lack of coordination between the Ministry of Defense and other relevant ministries, lack of action from relevant regional organisations, and problems with tracking Covid-cases. The possibility of food rationing was discussed, as well as the need to strengthen civil-military relations.

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