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Southeast Asia SSG Forum

From 7 to 9 October 2019 the first SSG Forum in Southeast Asia was held in Manila, the Philippines. With participants coming from nine countries and representing different parts of national security sectors, an open discussion could be held about the regional and national challenges on the way to good security sector governance.

Main themes in the exchanges between participants were for instance the need for improved transparency about the role of the military in governments and civilian oversight thereof, improvements to legal frameworks in security sectors and more stakeholder dialogue and cooperation in SSR. The role of civil society, cooperation in preventing violent extremism, and the risk of border disputes where also prominent discussion points. Sessions were based on the various national contributions, but also on identifying what SSG challenges are shared in common SSG, what SSR opportunities there are in the region, and the future of the network. For a detailed forum report, see the PDF below.

The forum marked the second sub-regional forum organised in the Asia-Pacific region by DCAF's Asia-Pacific Unit.

Southeast Asia SSG Forum Report 2019 Man
Download • 621KB

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