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Seminar on National Security Policies and Strategies for the Parliament of Fiji

DCAF organised a two-hour seminar to brief the Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and Defense of the Parliament of the Republic of Fiji on national security policies and strategies. The seminar took place in the morning of 31 August 2021 Fiji time. The event was attended by five Fijian parliamentarians from all elected parties, three parliamentary staff members, and DCAF and UNDP organising staff.

The seminar forms part of a broader programme led by the UNDP’s Effective Governance Team in the Pacific, which implements three projects to support parliaments in the region. This support includes capacity strengthening of oversight roles, provision of specialist advice, and the strengthening of legislative capacities.

The seminar covered several topics, including the purposes and content of national security policies to its links with good governance and the rule of law, its drafting process, challenges in their formulation, the impact of Covid-19, the role of parliament and specialised committees in the drafting procedure and implementation, and also comparative experiences (notably with the Philippines, India and Nepal). It is possible that there will be more seminars to elaborate on the discussions that took place.

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