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Second NWG Meeting in Malaysia

Monday April 20th was the occasion for the second national working group meeting in Malaysia. Because of the pandemic it was held online. Fifteen participants were present, representing CSOs, the human rights commission, universities and research institutes.

The meeting provided a platform for participants to discuss various questions and issues pertaining to security sector governance in Malaysia. Topics discussed included the response of the security sector to COVID-19 and the challenges to oversight mechanisms linked to the declaration of emergency. Specific topics for discussion were the necessity for prison and penal reform, the possibilities for criminal justice reform, ongoing challenges surrounding maritime security and a broader discussion about securitisation and the necessity to integrate SSG/R in the broader security mindset. The meeting ended with a discussion on possible follow-up activities, such as collecting research on a new security mindset, a position paper on necessary Malaysian security sector reforms, further research of the emergency declaration in the context of SSG/R and continued search for opportunities to engage with parliament and other stakeholders to advance the SSG/R principles.

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