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Second NWG in Pakistan

Wednesday 2 June was the occasion for the second national working group meeting in Pakistan. Because of the pandemic it was held online. Five participants were present, representing a variety of institutional views.

Several key items were on the agenda, all within the general theme of dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. The first item was to discuss data collection methods for Covid-19, and possible improvements thereof from the security sector. The second item discussed the idea of smart lockdowns and the preferred law enforcement methods of Covid-measures. The third and fourth item looked at social media, and ways to reach illiterate and functionally illiterate segments of society respectively. Items number five and six looked ahead to think about the post-Covid situation, and made an assessment on the situation concerning law and order, and the role which the police has played during the pandemic as compared to the role it should play thereafter. The meeting ended with a general discussion on other challenges, including climate change and general economic development, and a proposal to use more visual imagery in future NWGs.

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