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Public webinar: Protecting Migrants in Vulnerable Situations through Good SSG in Southeast Asia

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

On 28 April from 09:30-11:15 (Geneva time), DCAF’s Asia-Pacific Unit will host a public event as part of its Asia-Pacific SSG Network activities. This event, titled “Protecting Migrants in Vulnerable Situations through Good Security Sector Governance in Southeast Asia”, follows a two-day discussion between regional and international experts on the interlinkages between migration and security sector governance in Southeast Asia. It discusses roles for security sector actors in managing the security threats faced by migrating populations in vulnerable situations. The public event is organised in cooperation with DCAF’s partners in Southeast Asia and brings together experts from both state and non-state institutions.

The event aims to shed light on the particular security needs of migrating populations in the region’s most vulnerable situations, and how SSG/R can be leveraged to enhance the protection of these groups. During the public webinar, speakers will discuss migration trends in Southeast Asia and related security threats for migrating groups; the roles of security sector actors in protecting the region’s migrants in vulnerable situations; the potential for good security sector governance to improve the protection of these groups; and the reforms needed in order for security institutions to more effectively fulfil this protective role. There will be time for participants to ask questions to the panellists.

You can register here:

Registration link 

Recording is available here. 

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