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First NWG meeting in China

On 11 August 2020 the first national working group (NWG) meeting in China took place in Beijing. Eleven participants from across China came together, with backgrounds in law, think tanks, universities, and the military.

The meeting provided a platform to discuss the state of security sector governance in China. The main issue that was discussed in this introductory meeting, was the role of Chinese security sector actors during the COVID-19 pandemic. This included the work of the military and its medical service in Wuhan, the work of security actors at the community level in implementing quarantine measures, the role of communication technology, and the need for better governance systems surrounding biological security. Ideas for future improvements were discussed that include a wider national approach (rather than Beijing-oriented), countering human trafficking, countering sexual harassment, enhancing food security, biological security and environmental security, and the strategic material reserve system, as well as urban security governance.

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