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Expert Workshop Climate Security & Good Security Sector Governance in Southeast Asia

From 12-13 October 2021, DCAF hosted an Expert Workshop on Climate Security and Good Security Sector Governance in Southeast Asia. Spanning two half-days, the workshop brought together SSG associates and partner institution representatives from Southeast Asia with 5 experts for presentations and discussions.

During the first day, broad overviews were offered by experts on climate change’s consequences for human security and the role of SSR/G in combatting climate insecurity. Major points raised for further exploration included the risks of securitising climate change and the tension between immediate and long-term response strategies.

On day two, the workshop’s focus narrowed to firstly discuss the impact of climate change on migration movements and vulnerable communities. This was followed by a practical session on the SSR needed in response to climate security issues and the state of current reforms, with the aim of brainstorming concrete recommendations for future reform. Both sessions generated fruitful discussion, addressing questions such as the issue of stateless populations, the role of civil society and the importance of inclusivity in SSG/R.

Following the workshop, a public event on the topic was held on 14 October, allowing inputs from the workshop experts as well as questions posed by the audience. A paper will be published shortly, offering specific recommendations based on the workshop’s findings to DCAF’s partners in Southeast Asia.

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