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Public Event: Climate Security and Good Security Sector Governance in Southeast Asia

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

On 14 October 2021, DCAF’s Asia Pacific Unit hosted a public event on ~Climate Security and Good Security Sector Governance in Southeast Asia~ as part of its Asia-Pacific SSG Network Series. The event was organised in collaboration with DCAF’S Policy and Research Division, and in collaboration with the APU’s partners in Southeast Asia.

The event follows a two-day Expert Workshop on the topic held between 12-13 October, where regional and international experts discussed the human security consequences of climate change in the region and the role of security sector actors in adapting to climate insecurity.

During the event, 5 experts shared their findings on the climate change-SSR nexus in Southeast Asia, covering topics such as the human security consequences of climate change, the impact of climate change on migration flows and vulnerable communities, and the roles and opportunities for security sector actors to adapt to growing climate insecurity.

Participants then had the chance to ask questions to the panellists, raising important questions including the risks of securitising climate change and the challenges of integrating climate change responsibilities into armed forces’ existing roles.

Following the public event and preceding workshop a paper will soon be published, offering specific recommendations based on these discussions to DCAF’s partners in Southeast Asia.

You can click on the file below for more detailed bios for the speakers.
Speakers Biographies
Download DOCX • 301KB

You can click on this link to watch the recording of the event.

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