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East Asia SSG Forum

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

From 14-16 November 2019 the first SSG Forum in East Asia was held in Seoul, South Korea. The participants, coming from the entire region, discussed a wide variety of topics related to security sector governance, including a visit to the Korea Military Academy (KMA).

Main topics that were covered over the course of the forum were civilian oversight over military and police, gender and security, cybersecurity governance, maritime security, but also the challenges of increasing regional tensions and the nuclearization of North Korea. Sessions were based on the various national contributions, but also on the identification of common SSG challenges, opportunities for SSR in East Asia, and the contribution which East Asia can deliver to good SSG in the Asia-Pacific region at large. For a detailed forum report, see the PDF below.

The forum marked the last of the opening round of sub-regional forums in the Asia-Pacific region organised by DCAF's Asia-Pacific Unit.

East Asia SSG Forum Report 2019 Seoul
Download PD • 574KB

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