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South Asia SSG Forum 2021

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

The Second Annual South Asia SSG Forum – part of the South Asia Network on Promoting Good Security Sector Governance in the Asia-Pacific Region - was held from 9 to 11 June 2021. With the support partner institutions and associates, the Forum brought together delegations from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Day 2 of the Forum comprised a roundtable session “Enhancing the Regulation, Oversight and Governance of the Private Security Industry in South Asia” organized in collaboration with the DCAF Business and Security Division. The roundtable brought together numerous stakeholders in private security industries, including members of the South Asia SSG Network and representatives of private security companies, industry organisations, government authorities, civil society organisations and human rights law practitioners from the region. The roundtable commenced with presentations on regulation, oversight, and governance of the private security industries, which addressed, inter alia, international norms such as the Montreux document and the International Code of Conduct Association (ICoCA). Descriptions of characteristics and challenges of private security industries in South Asia addressed diversities of services and regulatory conditions, including the clarity and effectiveness of regulations regarding licensing, vetting, offences committed by security personnel, and relevant labour laws. The roundtable reflected on challenges to effective regulation of private security industries in relation to use of force and firearms personnel and associated training needs. These reflections culminated in discussion about initiatives to enhance industry professionalism and effectiveness, strengthening protections of human rights, ensuring oversight roles for civil society and public institutions, and identifying new roles of the industry in relation to the Covid-19 health crisis and maritime security. Looking ahead, the roundtable concluded with the introduction of a baseline study that will address the principal challenges and explore practical strategies towards enhancing the regulation, oversight, and governance of private security industries in South Asia.

Link to the roundtable recording (click here)

Discussion points

Discussion Points South Asia SSG Forum
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Programme, Private Security Industry Roundtable - South Asia SSG Forum 2021

Programme South Asia Forum
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In addition, the South Asia SSG Forum reviewed outcomes of regional working group meetings and explored challenges and priorities specific to SSG in South Asia. This included stocktaking of country specific SSG challenges, efforts, and developments. Discussions in relation to specific countries of the region focussed on emerging project proposals, knowledge management and potential research outputs. Representatives from each country presented their findings and discussed the path forward for the network.

South Asia SSG Forum Report

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Participants list South Asia SSG Forum 2021

Participants list- SA SSG Forum 2021
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